The day of 8.15 August Fifteenth

 8.15 August Fifteenth, 1945.  It was the day World War II officially ended.  There were winners and there were losers. Many lives were lost and many communities were severely devastated.  However, in the peace that followed August fifteenth, a new relationship between the countries involved developed. New generations were born, and the mutual curiosity and interest they showed to each other, and continue to show, have forged a strong friendship.  The cultural exchange and shared respect that has developed between these counties have enriched many lives, and yet each continues to maintain a distinct identity.

 8.15 August Fifteenth, 1969, New York.  The first day of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival.  Scheduled to last three days, the festival brought together musical talents whose styles were revolutionary with an audience of 500,000 young people.  Bringing people together to show support for racial equality, peace and free love with new forms of music, the even came to symbolize the “counter culture” - “counter” because these very attitudes were distinct from mainstream culture of the time.  Much that emerged in that festival on August fifteenth –the iconic songs cultural values, hope for peace- continue to inspire and enrich subsequent generations.


The Brand of 8.15 August Fifteenth

 We see the worn out coats, pants with stains and paint on them, and construction workers dusty from a day work.  These clothes, that we admire, were not made intentionally, but came naturally and organically like well used tools.  The clothes and shoes of 8.15 August Fifteenth are designed to bring out the individuality of the people who put them on, merging naturally onto the street and fitting organically like well-used chair and desk in a magnificent old building.

8.15 August Fifteenth is produced by original factories with traditional methods to harness that authentic strength, tailored with our perfect fit.